Sujok Therapy is a multi-dimensional and drugless system of alternative healing developed by Professor Park Jae Woo of South Korea in the early eighties.

The education and training of Sujok Therapy is imparted by way of various courses with the main objective to introduce you to the fundamentals and in-depth knowledge of this science. These courses are designed in accordance with Global Education Standards of the International Sujok Association

After completing this course you will be able to;

  • Make treatment of complex pathologies at the branch, subbranch, sub-sub branch level of energies.
  • Use various advanced six ki diagnosis techniques for diseases of various organs, systems and body parts
  • Assess the constitution of the patient at branch and subbranch levels and prescribe constitutional based cus

Course Includes :

  • 1 LIVE Classes
  • Session Recordings
  • Certificate of Completion

Key Features/Syllabus

The concept of branch energies.

  • Applying treatment on the level of branch energies – harmonization of the quality of energy flow.
  • Using axial points of the Six Ki byol-meridians and byol-chakras for correction of the imbalance of the branch energies.
  • Constitution of branch energies: structure.
  • Diseases of internal organs from the viewpoint of their energy structures and dominating basic energies.
  • Clinical case studies to determine symmetrical constitutions of branch energies (structures).
  • Axial branch energy treatment considering the symmetrical structure of the energy on byol-chakras and byol-meridians.
  • Crossed constitutions of Six Energies and ways of their energy correction using byol-meridians and byol-chakras.
  • Crossed constitutions of unified, individual, and branch energies.
  • Hierarchy of energies.
  • Multilevel constitutions.
  • The concept of the substructure.
  • Stages of disease from the positions of 6 Ki.
  • Treatment through substructure. The concept of «renting».
  • Rules for making a prescription.
  • Regional and functional diagnosis for internal organs and systems of Wind, Heat, Hotness, Humidity, Dryness and Coldness.
  • 6 Ki classifications of the sense organs.
  • Diagnostics of dominating energy by the sense organs.
  • Diagnostics of branch energies by the sense organs.
  • Regional (spatial) diagnostics of the body.
  • Diagnostics by the face.
  • Indications for applying treatment by chakras and meridians.
  • Local treatment.
  • Using seasonal and age-related diagnostics to determine the imbalance of branch energies.
  • The historical value of the law of the Five Elements in Chinese natural philosophy.
  • The theory of the “6 Ki” in comparison with the conception of the Five Elements.
  • Comparison of sense organs classifications by Five and Six elements.
  • Points of Five Elements on meridians.
  • Correlation of energies according to the functions of Five Elements.
  • Map of the hand.
  • Rules for making a prescription.
  • Treatment through unified and individual energies using subjugation, anti-subjugation or a combined method.
  • Treatment of acute and chronic diseases.
  • The idea of energy constitution from the point of view of the law of Five Elements.
  • Limitation of Five Elements approaches to the treatment.
  • Other methods of using branch Six Energies: with color, light, seeds,  moxibustion, etc.
  • Clinical case studies to determine symmetrically and crossed constitutions on all levels of the energy system.
  • Review of the most complicated questions.
  • Precautions & Hygiene
  • Test